INXS music the new sensation

ONE FOR THE RECORDS: Staff at Sanity Music in Orange have been run off their feet with sales of INXS CDs and DVDs. Sanity part-time team leader Nick White has some of the INXS merchandise that’s been popular. Photo:STEVE GOSCHFANS of Australian rock band INXS old and new have been inundating music stores during the Australia-wide revival of the band.
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INXS had its performance heyday from the late 1970s to the late 1990s until the death of lead singer Michael Hutchence.

Manager of Sanity Music in Orange Rachel Goodman says the popularity of the band’s CDs and DVDs has been across the board with a variety of age groups.

“It’s been amazing.

“Everything from young people who have seen the movie on television to older people who are reconnecting with the music.

Sanity national promotions and marketing manager Simon Apostolus, said the the television mini-series has been the catalyst for a huge spike in sales of INXS music, rocketing it back into the pop charges in Australia.

“It really has reignited that interest.

“DVD sales of the Live Baby Live have been really big at a time when DVDs have been a little sluggish,” he said.

Orange entertainment agent and rock music guru Shane Scarr already had the INXS music on his playlist before the resurgence in interest.

“I think Hutchence was such a gifted lyricist, and when you listen to their music it is very easy to relate to the lyrics,” he said.

Mr Scarr said he believes opportunities exist for Australian bands today to break into the scene.

However he said audiences at live venues still prefer to hear popular covers songs rather than full sets of originals.

“So what I say to bands who want to break through with originals is that you have to sneak some in here and there between covers.”

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A century of service

Australian Red Cross Morwell Unit members Robin Irvine, Ann Hargreaves and Anne-Maree Vella, with Latrobe City councillor Graeme Middlemiss and mayor Sharon Gibson at Legacy Square.THE Australian Red Cross flag will fly in the centre of Morwell for the next 100 days in recognition of the organisation’s 100 years of service.
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Amid its ongoing service to the Morwell community during the Hazelwood mine fire, more than 20 Morwell and Latrobe Valley Australian Red Cross members, Latrobe City mayor Sharon Gibson, Cr Peter Gibbons and Cr Graeme Middlemiss attended the ceremony on Friday at Legacy Square.

Red Cross unit chairman Anne-Maree Vella said the celebration was in recognition of the millions of people who had helped make Australian Red Cross what it was today.

Ms Vella said this had been witnessed by the Latrobe Valley community with Zone 8 volunteers helping to man relief centres in Traralgon and Moe, providing three meals a day to the firefighters and staff at the Hazelwood mine for the first two weeks of the fire, and helping at the respite centre in Moe.

“Today we would like to welcome Red Cross members from other units within our zone. These members have joined with the Morwell unit to assist the Latrobe Valley communities,” Ms Vella said.

“A lot of the ladies have worked really hard and really long hours to try and help support the citizens of Morwell and firefighters and others working at the mine.”

Cr Middlemiss said the Australian Red Cross flag would fly for 100 days from Friday and council also had plans to plant a red foliage tree in the park during the planting season in a few months.

“I don’t have to tell you about the wonderful service the Red Cross has provided to our community for over 100 years, and I know everyone is keen to get away because you already have a job this afternoon at the relocation centre,” Cr Middlemiss said.

“In the last few weeks of fires, Red Cross has been heavily engaged there.”

Cr Gibson thanked present Australian Cross members for their contribution to the community for the past 100 years.

“To have an organisation that’s been here for 100 years is a huge thing and you’re still about to rush off and help people,” she said.

The Australian Red Cross was founded on 13 August 1914, nine days after the outbreak of World War I.

There are currently more than one million Red Cross members, volunteers, partners, staff, donors and supporters, operating from 1250 locations in all states and territories.

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Fire to fast track Valley funding 

Funding for Latrobe Valley projects could be prioritised to boost the local economy, Deputy Premier Peter Ryan announced on Thursday.
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“The government stands ready to bring forward a number of projects Latrobe City Council has under consideration for the future of the Latrobe Valley more generally and I will be working more with them, We will use the regional growth fund to invest with the council over those projects,” Mr Ryan said.

Council acting chief executive John Mitchell said council officers and councillors were preparing a list of projects they would like to see funded and hoped to have a “firmer” proposal by the end of this week.

Mr Mitchell said a government-employed small business advisor would join council employees in asking Latrobe Valley business-owners what projects they would like to see funded.

Meanwhile he said Latrobe City was supporting the community in other ways.

“We will be assisting the clean up of the outside of houses and businesses as well,” Mr Mitchell said.

He said the process would begin with infrastructure on Saturday and spread across to other buildings in the following weeks.

Mr Mitchell said council would look at providing laundromat vouchers to people who were unable to dry their items on clotheslines due to the smoky conditions.

He said council was investigating ways to provide respite for residents at events held outside Morwell, as it has done by providing free transport to the Boolarra Folk Festival on Saturday.

Anyone wishing to share their views on how to best support the business community should phone council on 1300 367 700 and ask to speak to Geoff Hill.

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Dust off your boots

Trafalgar Power Ranch owners Brett and Louise Treadwell are relieved they can again host their country nights once again. photograph tom morrisonCOUNTRY music will return to Trafalgar’s Power Ranch following an expensive and lengthy battle with Baw Baw Shire.
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Baw Baw Shire councillors went against officers’ recommendations at Wednesday night’s council meeting and voted to grant a planning permit for the ranch to be used as a place of public assembly and host a maximum of 10 country music nights this year.

Organisers expect the first 2014 event to be held in April.

The country nights, which began in 2009, were axed in January 2012 after the ranch’s planning application was refused by council due to compliance issues with its then-temporary planning permit. Council’s refusal came after owner Brett Treadwell had spent thousands of dollars booking a year’s worth of bands for the country nights.

Mr Treadwell took council to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, where council’s decision was upheld.

However he did not stop campaigning for the country nights’ return and had gathered support during the fight.

“We have got bands all over Australia watching our pages… sending us messages of support and saying well done,” Mr Treadwell said.

He said the battle had a financial and psychological toll on his family, with the costs of the debacle reaching about $60,000.

“It’s been (nerve-racking) because we’re living on the borderline financially,” he said.

“We don’t make money out of (the nights), it’s just the principle of it.

“That’s why I dug my heels in. I’ve got my pride – I can hold my head up and say I’ve been honest through the whole thing.”

Mr Treadwell thanked Baw Baw Shire mayor Murray Cook and his fellow councillors for their help.

Councillor Cook said this council looked at each case on its merits, and there were certain permit conditions Power Ranch must adhere to. Permit conditions included a cap at 200 patrons, no external sound amplification used, live music to finish at midnight and a ‘noise and amenity plan and patron management plan’ be approved.

Mr Treadwell said objectors to the permit, which includes neighbours, had three weeks to appeal the decision at VCAT, but he was confident it would not be overturned.

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Jail drug smuggle attempt

A WOMAN who tried to bring drugs into a jail has been told to comply with a substance abuse diversion program.
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Susan Maree Newman appeared before Dubbo Local Court on two charges of drug possession, two charges of trying to introduce drugs into a detention centre and a single charge of trying to bring a syringe into a detention centre.

Documents tendered to the court said the offences occurred at Cessnock Correctional Centre between 10am and 10.10am on November 16.

Police said Newman, 38, was found with 0.2g of methamphetamine and 1.35g of cannabis.

The court heard Newman had been referred to the Magistrate’s Early Referral Into Treatment (MERIT) program on an unrelated matter.

“She was supposed to attend counselling but hasn’t gone,” Magistrate Andrew Eckhold said.

“We have to get her to help herself

“She had better understand that she has to do MERIT.”

Bail was continued. Newman was ordered to return to court on March 5.

Final hearing and sentence generally coincides with the completion of the MERIT program.

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Black Dog charity ride

MOTORCYCLE riders from the region who want to join the charity Black Dog Ride in Dubbo on March 23 can register online.
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The ride in and around Dubbo will be one of 30 across Australia that day.

The annual Black Dog Ride has raised $1 million for mental health services since it began in 2009. Last year nearly 5000 Black Dog Riders hit the highways in support of the cause. The ride will raise vital funds for Lifeline Australia in support of their suicide prevention services. A report in the Daily Liberal on February 10 said the money would go to the Black Dog Institute but that was incorrect.

Ride organisers encourage motorcycle enthusiasts to join in to show their support and raise awareness for depression and suicide prevention.

The ride’s founder Steve Andrews, who lost his mother to suicide, said: “Depression is an illness, not a weakness and effective treatments are available. If we talk about depression and work together, we can make a difference.”

Motorcyclists wanting to register online should go to https://1dayer2014.eventbrite南京夜网.au .

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Report of redundancies at Wellington Council

Wellington Council is looking at a smaller workforce with discussions in place for redundancies.
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There are reports of five redundancies to be offered to staff, while seven existing staff vacancies will not be filled, including three casual employment contracts which will not be renewed.

General manager Michael Tolhurst will recommend to council that as part of their budget preparations the workforce levels not be reliant on non-guaranteed state and federal funding, especially “within the current uncertain economic climate”.

“Where federal or state government is provided to specified employment positions, if that funding is not forthcoming from either the state or federal governments, those positions will cease from July, 2014,” he said.

“These recommendations to council to reduce staff numbers are not made easily.

“Staff have been briefed on these changes and those several individuals potentially impacted upon will be provided with every support to successfully transition out of council.”

Mr Tolhurst said this approach was consistent with the drive for efficiency and effectiveness.

“If Wellington Council is to be sustainable in the long term as a stand-alone council these steps are a necessary first part of that process,” he said.

“The approach we are proposing also places local business in a good position to assist with the provision of an increasing range of support to Council.”

“Wellington Council staff have consistently provided solid and devoted service to the community and that approach will no doubt continue.

“We just need to be smarter about how we deliver services and better manage the scarce resources we have to deliver those services to people in our community.

“The changes provide our staff with the opportunity to become multi-skilled and be increasingly valued by our community.

“If we don’t take this initiative then it is likely someone else will take the decision out of our hands.”

Wellington’s mayor Rod Buhr said becoming more sustainable into the future could involve making difficult decisions.

“Regrettably we have to let some people go as part of that process,” he said.

“Council will do everything it can to make sure the affected people are treated with dignity and that the appropriate assistance is made available to them.”

In December 2013 Mr Tolhurst presented a business sustainability action plan to council, based on building a pathway forward.

He said the basis of the approach would be to reduce operating costs, cost and agree to levels of service and reduce stores, vehicles, plant and equipment holdings.

Another plan is to increasingly engage local business, particularly in peak demand periods, to do work in support of council’s operations.

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Hazard reduction burns toresume on Far South Coast

THE Far South Coast Region of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is preparing for a safe and early start to the fire hazard reduction season as soon as weather conditions allow, which forecasts indicate may be in the coming days.
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Greenfields Beach hazard reduction near Vincentia earlier earlier this fire season. Photo: NPWS.

Prescribed burns are planned in the region during the next two weeks if forecasted conditions remain favourable. Most of these hazard reduction burns will be in remote areas of National Parks as follows: Postmans Track area in South East Forests National Park Green Cape Heath in Ben Boyd National Park Bombay area in Tallaganda National Park People living around or visiting areas near to coastal ranges and valleys may notice smoke and helicopters. Some fire trails may be closed during operations.

NPWS Regional Manager for the Far South Coast Tim Shepherd said 32 hazard reduction burns were planned this season in the region to reduce fuels on around 20,000 hectares.

“These burns are intended to provide strategic fire advantages that reduce the potential for high intensity wildfire affecting adjacent lands in the future,” Mr Shepherd said. “I remind everyone to observe road closures and heed instructions from fire crews. Do not enter any fire ground because they are dangerous places where tree fall is common for a week or so after fire.”

Every effort is made to minimise the impact of smoke, however take basic precautions and drive to the conditions. The risk to properties during these burns will be low, however to ensure your property is well prepared:

* Remove leaf litter from gutters.

* Ensure pets are secure within your property and have an area that provides protection for them.

* Close all windows and remove washing from clothes lines.

* Stay well clear of fire operations during the burn.

* If you have asthma or a lung condition it is recommended that you stay inside or leave the area during the burn.

Prescribed burning is the use of planned fire to protect life, property and the environment by reducing fuel levels and maintaining the health of plants and animals.

Once the Far South Coast Region NPWS program starts it will continue at every opportunity towards completion in conjunction with the Rural Fire Service and the Forestry Corporation of NSW where appropriate.

The NPWS has undertaken 254 hazard reduction activities covering 47,069 hectares in total, including 119 hazard reduction burn operations for 2013-14. In 2012-13 the NPWS achieved a record 208,000 hectares in 1300 separate fuel reduction activities.

This was 83 per cent of the total hazard reduction effort for NSW, demonstrating a clear commitment by NPWS to manage fire in accordance with its Living with Fire 2012-21 strategy.

Under the Enhanced Bushfire Management Program, NPWS will pursue its plan to treat an average of over 135,000 hectares per year in 800 or more planned hazard reduction activities.

Achieving this will be highly dependant on the suitability of weather conditions given the narrow window of opportunity that exists in NSW for burning safely and effectively.

Read more about hazard reduction burns planned in your area:

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Financial abuse is about power and control

ONE in three Australian women experience family violence – and financial abuse is present in many of those cases.
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According to research officer with the WIRE Women’s Information service Prue Cameron, financial abuse can take many forms and “because it isshrouded in gender stereotypes, such as men are better money managers than women or women are spendthrifts and shopaholics, and also the very powerful social belief that money matters are private, it is often invisible and unrecognised even by the women who are experiencing it’’.

Financial abuse has been recognised as a form of family violence in Victorian law since 2008, yet often goes unrecognised

Financial abusein an intimate relationship happens when one partner, usually the male, insists on controlling the household finances and monitors his partner’s spending.

It is considered abuse when your partner prevents you from working or studying – or doing things which would create financial independence.

“Compelling a woman to put all her income into a joint bank account, often saying that to do otherwise means she doesn’t love and respect him or isn’t committed to the relationship is another example,’’ Prue said.

“It can be when a woman is restricted or prevented from using the family car; or it may be that the partner keeps all their financial affairs a secret.

“On the other hand, the partner might take out loans and run up debts in his partner’s name, refuses to contribute to household expenses or child care or puts the woman’s name on all the utility bills.

“In some circumstances a partner might make his partner do things for money against her will, such as forcing her to commit social security fraud.

“The one thing that is always present is that money, or the household finances and assets are used as a means to control the woman and exert powerover her.’’

Ms Cameron says the impact of financial abuse can be financial insecurity and often poverty and homelessness.

“As well as having lost any control over their finances during the years of their relationship, these women have been told repeatedly that they are hopeless with money, that they are stupid, that they wouldn’t understand or be capable of managing financial matters,’’ she says.

“This means that when their relationship ends, not only are they often left with nothing but debts, difficulty finding a job because they may have been out of the workforce for years but also a profound loss of confidence in themselves.

NEWS REVIEW: A secret childhood:


CONTROL: The impact of financial abuse can be financial insecurity and often poverty and homelessness.

“We are also seeing in our research that these women are often disadvantaged in property settlement and legal processes, particularly if their ex-partner has the resources to pay for legal costs, they can be dragged through the courts for years, which further impoverishes them.

“Because their limited resources are quickly exhausted through the costly legal processes, many women forgo their chance for a fair financial settlement from their relationship – sometimes ending up with no home, little money in the bank, debts accrued in their name, responsibility for the children and the psychological trauma of an abusive relationship to deal with.

“All this has a huge impact on their financial security for the rest of their lives. Of course, many women simply avoid pursuing a financial settlement because they are afraid of their ex-partner or they may just want the whole experience to be over.

“It is important to breakdown the cultural stereotypes and myths that allow this form of abuse to be perpetuated – the gendered myths that say men are better with money than women or that it is not socially acceptable to talk about your financial affairs with friends, colleagues or service providers or even other family members for that matter.’’

MS Cameron is holding a focus group inBendigoon Wednesday for women who have experienced financial abuse to share their stories. The focus group will be held at18 Forest StBendigofrom 10.30 until12.30. It is an opportunity for women to learn from the experiences of others and by telling their own story, and help other women who are experiencing financial abuse. Phone Vashti on 1800 884 038 or Prue on 9348 9416 (Option 9)

The aim ofWIRE’s research project is to increase understanding about the impact of financial abuse and particularly to find out what type of information, support services and advice women need when they are leaving or thinking of leaving a financially abusive relationship.

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Bathurst Ironmen get set to tackle New Zealand challenge

ACROSS the ditch today awaits a test as big as they come for three Bathurst triathletes when they take on the Ironman New Zealand at Taupo.
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Terry Roberts, Andrew Bourke and Blair Hurst all made the trip to New Zealand this week and will take part in the headline event of the week-long triathlon carnival.

King Cain Bathurst Wallabies Tri Club member Roberts stuck to a simple training program in the build up, focused mostly on improving his run leg.

He’s hoping to return a good result in New Zealand to earn him entry in the even more gruelling Hawaiian Ironman event later this year.

“I’ve been having a pretty consistent level of training. My bike is looking really good, whereas the run is not quite there yet,” he said.

“I’m in great shape so I’ve got no excuses to not to be performing well. I expect to be up towards the top of my age group. That will make sure that I get a qualifying place for Kona [Ironman World Championships].

“I’ve done quite a few of these before and you’ve got to get in and remove all your doubts. Got to always remain focused.”

While Roberts easily has the most experience of the Bathurst trio, he thinks all three of them can make an impression at Taupo.

“They’ve both trained hard and should be doing well. With what they’ve done in training I’m excited to see how they do because they’ve certainly earned it,” Roberts said.

Roberts has enjoyed some good finishes at the Taupo event in previous years and is already very familiar with the course.

He managed a top 150 finish in the 2012 half Ironman distance, coming home in eighth place in his age group. The year before he contested the full distance in 10 hours and five minutes in a similar position.

He enjoys the course and said it’s the opposite end of the weather spectrum compared to the Hawaiian Ironman, making it a comparatively pleasant affair.

“It’s a nice cool climate, much more bearable than Hawaii. There’s a nice swim, the bike leg has a few undulating parts but it’s not too bad and the run is just beautiful,” he said.

“I may look at the Port Macquarie Ironman which is on about nine weeks after Taupo. I’m also thinking about doing a marathon outside of an Ironman too. But for now my focus is on this event and doing well here.”

Roberts’ preparation has not just been a solo affair in trying to reach peak fitness. His wants to recognise as many people as possible in the lead up is an example of the amount of preparation required to complete the 3.8 kilometre swim, 180km bike leg and 42.2km run and not run into trouble in the process.

“There are a lot of people I’d like to thank for this. Liz Gilchrist at Health and Harmony has kept my body in shape. Belly’s Bikes have kept my bike in good condition for me and Lisa Dark has helped me with my diet and nutrition. There’s lots of things you need to help you get through the day,” he said.

“Matt Oakley has supported the club for the last four years. He’s been really excited about being associated with us.”

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