SIX weeks into my 12-week fitness challenge and I am feeling trim and energetic.
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So far I have lost eight kilos off my body weight and gone down a couple of pant sizes – so much so that today will see me shopping for a smaller wardrobe (or at least a belt that keeps my pants all the way up.

But outside of weightloss and looser clothes, I have noticed the extra energy in my daily routine.

It’s not as much of a struggle to get up in the morning (though 5.30am will always be a struggle) and although my muscles ache after every workout I am able to complete them without huffing and puffing the gym down. There’s always the pride of seeing the scales show less and less weight each week but the fact I can now run longer distances without stopping or lift weights with a bit more ease is encouraging to no end.

The new and more rigorous worksouts for the second month of this three month challenge have also shown my improvement.

Firday morning saw us trying to complete three sets of 100 rope skips, 20 burpees and 10 repetitions of 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups and 15 squats.

The idea of that workout still scares me but not as much as it did six weeks ago.

It’s the same with Wednesday’s new cardio routine.

The idea of me almost-continuously running for 45 minutes was ridiculous two months ago. Now (with someone restraining me with a giant rubber band) restrictive running is my favourite gym activity.

But between all the squats and push-ups, the deadlifts and bench presses as well as the suicide sprints and bear crawls, it has (so far) been fun to get to know team members in the support group.

I’m still a few kilos and maybe a pant size away from my goal but another six weeks will surely get me over the line.

I’m sure Human Mechanics trainer Arj Perera agrees.

I’m not quite at the point where I enjoy getting up at 5.30am but I certainly look forward to the next workout session.

Who would have thought it would be like this? Bring on the next six weeks.

Chris Pedler is a guest of Human Mechanics.

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