I AM about to inform you of the terrible things happening to the Great Barrier Reef.
Nanjing Night Net

As I have been to the Great Barrier Reef and know how beautiful the land mark is, I am disgusted that they are dumping dredge spoil only a few kilometres from the world heritage site.

Firstly, sediment from dredging can smother corals and sea grasses and poison corals, sea grasses and animals. It will be a huge health risk to endangered animals, corals and sea grasses.

Secondly, the amount of irreparable damage to Queensland’s extraordinary marine wilderness would be excruciating.

It has taken hundreds of years to develop the natural corals and environment around the reef. Why would you destroy the world heritage site with this dredge spoil? We need to cherish the reef and save it for generations to come.

Lastly, the dumping of dredge spoil on a world heritage site would be an international embarrassment.

It is being compared to dumping rubbish in the Grand Canyon.

They should really find another place to dump the dredge spoil so it doesn’t affect world heritage sites or endangered animals/sea creatures. Thank you for reading.

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