Neil Perry’s comforting ‘Sunday night eggs’ (Recipe here). Photo: William Meppem Brik pastry parcels with tuna and egg (Recipe here). Photo: Marina Oliphant
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Finger food: Crab and spinach frittata rolls (Recipe here). Photo: Domino Postiglione

Neil Perry’s garden greens frittata with crisp bacon (Recipe here). Photo: William Meppem

Smoked trout with salty samphire and soft-boiled egg (Recipe here). Photo: Edwina Pickles

Pita with crab, egg, soft herbs and caperberries (Recipe here). Photo: Marina Oliphant

Neil Perry’s salad of asparagus and soft-boiled-egg vinaigrette (Recipe here). Photo: William Meppem

Or try retro coddled eggs speared with asparagus (Recipe here). Photo: Jennifer Soo

Tony Chiodo’s fiesta omelet is a party in a pan (Recipe here). Photo: Marina Oliphant

Put a twist on creamy carbonara by swapping bacon for seasonal zucchini (Recipe here). Photo: Quentin Jones

Sophisticated brunch: Potatoes with cornichons, caperberries, dill, creme fraiche and fried egg (Recipe here). Photo: Marcel Aucar

Shakshuka. Photo: Edwina Pickles

Neil Perry’s cute little zucchini frittatas (Recipe here). Photo: William Meppem

Frank Camorra’s BLT with avocado, fried egg and HP mayonnaise (Recipe here). Photo: Marina Oliphant

Chorizo Scotch eggs (Recipe here). Photo: Edwina Pickles

Curly endive adds a fresh and bitter note to classic egg and bacon (Recipe here). Photo: Marcel Aucar

Frank Camorra’s smoked salmon croque madame is crowned with a fried egg (Recipe here). Photo: Marcel Aucar

Pick up a packet of crisps for Karen Martini’s potato chip tortilla with chermoula (Recipe here). Photo: Marcel Aucar

Or try Frank Camorra’s classic Spanish tortilla (Recipe here). Photo: Marina Oliphant

French classic: Onion and thyme tart (Recipe here).

Filling and nutritious: Eggs with ratatouille, ricotta and anchovies (Recipe here). Photo: Marina Oliphant

Frank Camorra’s baked eggs, spiced tomato and feta (Recipe here). Photo: Marcel Aucar

Sometimes you can’t go past a classic omelet – here’s Jill Dupleix’s masterclass (Recipe here). Photo: Marina Oliphant

Or try an eggnet omelet with Asian-style duck (Recipe here). Photo: Marina Oliphant

Scrambled eggs with chorizo and fried garlic (Recipe here). Photo: Marina Oliphant

Stephanie Alexander’s version of Tunisian breakfast soup, Lablabi (Recipe here). Photo: Rebecca Hallas

Middle Eastern baked eggs aka Shakshuka (Recipe here). Photo: Edwina Pickles

Jill Dupleix’s slow-cooked 63 degree egg with jamon (Recipe here). Photo: Steven Siewert

Cheesy artichoke quiches (Recipe here).

Steak tartare with all the trimmings (Recipe here). Photo: Marco Del Grande

Egg and bacon pie is perfect for a picnic (Recipe here). Photo: Marina Oliphant

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